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Benq Q projector lamps SH 960.sh910,mx 764,sp 891,sp840,sp 920,sp 890,sp870
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If you own a multimedia LCD or DLP projector, you will know that replacing the projector’s lamp is something that sooner or later you will need to do. The average projector lamp’s bulb lasts for around 2,000 hours, so most projector users will need to replace their lamp on average at least twice over the life of the projector. Since projector lamps can be expensive, it is important that you have the most accurate and up to date information about projector and TV lamps before you buy.

Projector lamps bulbs

Benq Q projector lamps SH 960.sh910,mx 764,sp 891,sp840,sp 920,sp 890,sp870

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5JJ1R03001-GC LAMPS REPL BENQ CP220/CP220C OEM 5J.J1R03.001 367.5375
60J3416CG1-GC LAMPS REPL BENQ DS650/660 OEM 60.J3416.CG1 421.1325
5J01201001-GC LAMPS REPL BENQ MP510/PJ503D OEM 5J.01201.001 427.2615
5JJ1M02001-GC LAMPS REPL BENQ MP610/620/620P OEM 5J.J1M02.001 375.192
5JY1E05001-GC LAMPS REPL BENQ MP623/MP624 OEM 5J.Y1E05.001 381.321
59J0C01CG1-GC LAMPS REPL BENQ MT700/PB7700 OEM 59.J0C01.CG1 427.2615
60J7693CG1-GC LAMPS REPL BENQ PB6100/7100/7110 OEM 60.J7693.CG1 381.1455
59J8401CG1-GC LAMPS REPL BENQ PB7110 OEM 59.J8401.CG1 375.192
60J5016CB1-GC LAMPS REPL BENQ PB7210/PB7220 OEM 60.J5016.CB1 366.012
60J3503CB1-GC LAMPS REPL BENQ PB8120/8220/82 OEM 60.J3503.CB1 398.169
59J9401CG1-GC LAMPS REPL BENQ PB8125/PB8140 OEM 59.J9401.CG1 375.192
59J9421CG1-GC LAMPS REPL BENQ PB8225/PB8235 OEM 59.J9421.CG1 375.192
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