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for your machine. Do this by:
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3) Off the cartridge itself.
Once you have the part number find the
make of your machine and  follow the
easy part number reference.
Its that simple.

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Canon ink, toner cartridges

USA Imaging Supplies 619-684-5241 1007B001AA,1066B001AA,1067B001AA,1068B001AA 1069B001AA,1153B001AA,1322A002AA,1331A003AA 1334A003AA,1336A003AA,1337A003AA,1338A003AA 1341A003AA,1342A003AA,1366A005AA,1369A003AA 1369A009AA,1370A002AA,1372A006AA,1372A010AA 1374A003AA,1375A004AB,1375A005AA,1376A003AB 1377A002AA,1377A005AA,1379A004AA,1379A006AA 1381A004AB,1382A003AA,1382A005AA,1383A003AA 1384A011AA,1385A002AA,1386A001AA,1386A002AA 1387A007AA,1388A003AA,1389A004AA,1390A003AB

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Canon 1007 - 139 Series 

CAN 1007B001AA N1 STAPLES - CANON        185.21
CAN 1066B001AA IMGRNR C5180 (GPR-20) YLW TNR        178.23
CAN 1067B001AA IMGRNR C5180 (GPR-20) MAG TNR        178.23
CAN 1068B001AA IMGRNR C5180 (GPR-20) CYN TNR        178.23
CAN 1069B001AA IMAGERUNNER C5180 (GPR-20) BLK        107.64
CAN 1153B001AA LC810, 830i  (FX11) TONER CANO        129.83
CAN 1322A002AA NP6330 DRUM CANON        188.82
CAN 1331A003AA NP1820,2020 (NPG-1) DRM UN-SPC        148.98
CAN 1334A003AA NP6025,6030 DRUM-CANON        162.87
CAN 1336A003AA NP6016 (NPG-9) DRUM CANON        183.50
CAN 1337A003AA NP6012 (NPG-11) DRUM CANON        191.34
CAN 1338A003AA NP6035 (NPG13) DRUM UNIT-CANON        162.87
CAN 1341A003AA IMAGERUNNER 200L,210S DRUM-CAN        175.97
CAN 1342A003AA IMAGERUNNER 330 DRUM CANON        159.42
CAN 1366A005AA NP7000,6150 TONER - CANON          53.73
CAN 1369A003AA C100 TONER - CANON          24.20
CAN 1369A009AA NP1010,1020 TONER - CANON          20.70
CAN 1370A002AA NP3325,3825I TONER - SPC ORD          42.18
CAN 1372A006AA NP1215,2020 (NPG1)TONER-CANON          57.36
CAN 1372A010AA C150,C180 TONER - CANON         67.59
CAN 1374A003AA NP6060 (NPG3) TONER - CANON          35.45
CAN 1375A004AB NP4050,4080 (NPG4)TONER-CANON          42.36
CAN 1375A005AA C400D TONER - CANON         46.53
CAN 1376A003AB NP3030,3050 (NPG5)TONER-SPC OR         49.14
CAN 1377A002AA NP6025,6030(NPG7)TONER-CANON         32.52
CAN 1377A005AA C250D,C330D TONER - CANON         34.73
CAN 1379A004AA NP6016,6521(NPG9)TONER-CANON         60.00
CAN 1379A006AA C160,C200D TONER - CANON         61.41
CAN 1381A004AB NP6050 (NPG10) TONER - CANON         70.14
CAN 1382A003AA NP6012 (NPG11) TONER - CANON        30.83
CAN 1382A005AA C120,C122,C130 TONER - CANON          29.01
CAN 1383A003AA NP6085,6285(NPG12A)TONER-CANON          63.18
CAN 1384A011AA NP6035,6230 (NPG13A)TONER-CANO          32.57
CAN 1385A002AA NP6045,6545(NPG14A)TONER-CANON          75.51
CAN 1386A001AA NP7160,7210 (NPG15) TONER CANO          33.63
CAN 1386A002AA C210 TONER CANON          28.28
CAN 1387A007AA GP30,30F,55 TONER - CANON          36.87
CAN 1388A003AA GP200 TONER - CANON          33.36
CAN 1389A004AA IMAGERUNNER 330 (GPR-2) TNR-CA      31.07
CAN 1390A003AB IMAGERUNNER 550(GPR-1)TNR-CAN      74.10
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