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make of your machine and  follow the
easy part number reference.
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Canon ink, toner cartridges

USA Imaging Supplies 619-684-5241 San Diego Ca 4234A003AB,,4235A003AA,4236A003AA,4237A003AA 4238A003AA,4532A001AA,4791B003AA,4792B003AA 6601A003AA,6602A003AA,6603A003AA,6604A003AA 6606A002AA,6609A002AA,6647A003AA,6648A004AA 6707A001AA,6748A003AA,6812A001AA,6836A003AA 6837A004AA,7138A002AA,7429A005AA,7430A005AA 7431A005AA,7432A005AA,7433A005AA,7621A001AA 7622A001AA,7623A001AA,7624A001AA,7625A001AA 7626A001AA,7627A001AA,7628A001AA,7629A001AA 7814A003AA,7815A004AA,7833A001AA,

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Canon 423 - 783 Series 

CAN 4234A003AB IMAGERNR 5000 (GPR-4) TNR-CAN          76.29
CAN 4235A003AA IMGRNR C2050 (GPR-5) BLK TNR-C          84.87
CAN 4236A003AA IR C2050 (GPR-5) CYN TNR SPC O        142.94
CAN 4237A003AA IR C2050 (GPR-5) MAG TNR SPC O        142.94
CAN 4238A003AA IR C2050 (GPR-5) YLW TNR SPC O        128.73
CAN 4532A001AA 680,780 (20N01) TONER NEG-CANO          92.12
CAN 4791B003AA IR ADV 4051 (GPR-42) BLK TNR C          86.27
CAN 4792B003AA IR 4025 (GPR-43) TONER CANON          92.21
CAN 6601A003AA CLC5000,3900 BLK TONER-CANON          93.62
CAN 6602A003AA CLC5000,3900 CYAN TONER-CANON        100.80
CAN 6603A003AA CLC5000,3900 MAG TONER-CANON        100.80
CAN 6604A003AA CLC5000,3900 YELLOW TONER-CAN        100.80
CAN 6606A002AA CLC5000,3900 BLK STARTER-CANON        145.80
CAN 6609A002AA CLC5000,3900 YLW STARTER-CANON        145.80
CAN 6647A003AA IMAGERUNNER 2200(GPR-6)TNR-CAN          47.55
CAN 6648A004AA IR 2200 (GPR-6)  DRUM-CANON        177.45
CAN 6707A001AA J1 STAPLES CANON          79.41
CAN 6748A003AA IMAGERUNNER 8500(GPR-7)TNR-CAN        140.10
CAN 6812A001AA PC1060,1080 (L50) TNR-CANON        236.67
CAN 6836A003AA IMAGERUNNER 1600(GPR-8)TNR-CAN          36.12
CAN 6837A004AA IMAGERUNNER 1600 (GPR-8) DRUM          90.20
CAN 7138A002AA IMAGECLASS 2300 (P) TNR/DRUM C        238.67
CAN 7429A005AA MF8170C (EP87) DRUM CANON        268.83
CAN 7430A005AA IMGCLS MF8170C YLW (EP-87) TNR        160.88
CAN 7431A005AA IMGCLS MF8170C (EP-87) MAG TNR        160.88
CAN 7432A005AA IMGCLS MF8170C (EP-87) CYN TNR        160.88
CAN 7433A005AA IMGCLS MF8170C (EP-87) BLK TNR        129.98
CAN 7621A001AA LC710  (FX7) TONER CANON        129.83
CAN 7622A001AA IMGRNR C3200 (GPR-11) YLW DRM        411.84
CAN 7623A001AA IMGRNR C3200 MAG (GPR-11) DRM        411.84
CAN 7624A001AA IMGRNR C3200 CYAN (GPR-11) DRM        411.84
CAN 7625A001AA IMGRNR C3200 BLK (GPR-11) DRM        270.21
CAN 7626A001AA IMGRNR C3200 YLW (GPR-11) TNR        164.22
CAN 7627A001AA IMGRNR C3200 MAG (GPR-11) TNR        164.22
CAN 7628A001AA IMGRNR C3200 CYAN (GPR-11) TON        164.22
CAN 7629A001AA IMGRNR C3200 BLK (GPR-11) TNR        109.41
CAN 7814A003AA IMAGERUNNER 1300(GPR-10)TNR CA          30.66
CAN 7815A004AA IMGRNR 1300 (GPR-10) DRM UNT C        149.25
CAN 7833A001AA IMAGECLASS D320 (S35) TONER CA        186.32

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