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 Complete line of new, name brand Tapes
USA Imaging Supplies carries these data tapes AIT, DLT, SDLT, LTO, SLR, MLR, VXA, 4mm, 8mm 3590J, 3480, From name BRANDS like Fuji - HP - IBM - Imation Maxell - Quantum - Sony - Verbatim

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USA Imaging Supplies Has a full line of Data Tapes for every brand and type! When we say they are NEW tapes, we mean it!

IBM tape backup
tape drive 

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00V7590 IBM IBM LTO 6 2.5TB/6.25TB 146.15
00V7590L IBM IBM LTO 6 LBL  2.5TB/6.25TB 146.92
05H2462 IBM IBM 3570B MAGSTAR 5GB 186.15
05H3188 IBM IBM 3590E MAGSTAR TAPE 100.38
05H4434 IBM IBM 3590 MAGSTAR J LABEL 62.31
05H4435 IBM IBM 3590/3590E CLEANING CTDG 107.03
07K4446 IBM IBM 9068 A01/A03 IMPACT RIBBON 14.95
08L6091 IBM IBM 3590E MAGSTAR K-LESS TAPE 100.38
08L6187 IBM IBM 3570C MAGSTAR 5GB 186.15
08L9120 IBM IBM LTO 1 ULTRIUM 100/200GB 50.62
08L9870 IBM IBM LTO 2 ULTRIUM 200/400GB 44.77
18P7534 IBM IBM 3592 300GB TAPE CTDG 171.92
18P7535 IBM IBM 3592 CLEANING CTDG 154.28
18P9263 IBM IBM 3592 300GB L & I TAPE 175.00
19P4209 IBM IBM SLR60 900FT 30/60GB CTDG 116.15
23R5635 IBM IBM DAT160 DDS6  80/160GB 43.69
23R9811 IBM IBM 3592 700GB W/ LABEL & INIT 194.62
23R9830 IBM IBM 3592 700GB JB EXTENDED 191.54
24R1922 IBM IBM LTO 3 ULTRIUM 400/800GB 35.31
59H3465 IBM IBM 4MM/125M DDS-3 12GB CTDG 9.85
59H4175 IBM IBM SLR32/MLR1 16/32 GB CTDG 170.69
59H4456 IBM IBM 4MM/150M DDS-4 20GB CTDG 12.00
59H4791 IBM IBM 5.25 MO 5.2GB 8X WORM WO 161.23
95P4436 IBM IBM LTO 4 ULTR 800GB/1.6TB 37.69
USA Imaging Supplies  
Certified Backup tapes

Part no. Description Qty on hand
  3420 reel to reel tape and 1/4" data cartridges  
2400ft-500 Brown 1/2" x2400ft computer tape blank white reel 1400 units
2400ft-800 Blackwatch 1/2" x2400ft computer tape blank wht reel 200 units
343742A Basf Endura 1/2" x2400ft computer tape   720 units
DC6525 BULK Bulk DC6525 SLR2 525 MB 1020Ft 1/4 Inch Data Cartridge 100 units
DC9250 BULK Bulk DC9250 SLR4 2.5GB 1200Ft Magnus Data Cartridge 30 units 
16G8436 IBM DC9250 SLR4 2.5GB 1200Ft Magnus Data Cartridge 12 units
46168 3M DC9250 SLR4 2.5GB 1200Ft Magnus Data Cartridge 12 units 
46168 IMATION DC9250 SLR4 2.5GB 1200Ft Magnus Data Cart 18 units
QD9250 SONY DC9250 SLR4 2.5GB 1200Ft Magnus Data Cartridge 1 units
89710 Verbatim DC9250 SLR4 2.5GB 1200Ft Magnus Data Cart 1 units
  LTO Ultrium data cartridges   
09W084 DELL LTO Ultrium 1 100/200gb  200 units
347016EU Emtec LTO Ultrium 1 100/200gb  640 units
26200010 Fujifilm LTO Ultrium 1 100/200gb  1000 units
C7971A HP LTO Ultrium 1 100/200gb  200 units
08L9120 IBM LTO Ultrium 1 100/200gb  520 units
183800  Maxell LTO Ultrium 1 100/200gb  125 units
LTX100G Sony LTO Ultrium 1 100/200gb   200 units
OVERLTO1 Overland LTO Ultrium 1 100/200gb  120 units
D2404-100 TDK LTO Ultrium 1 100/200gb 540 units
340-8701 DELL LTO Ultrium 2 200/400gb 16 units
16598 ImationLTO Ultrium 2 200/400gb 80 units
183850  MaxellLTO Ultrium 2 200/400gb  150 units
LTX200GWW SONY LTO Ultrium 2 200/400gb  230 units
341-2645 DELL LTO Ultrium 3 400/800gb 16 units
24R1922 IBM LTO Ultrium 3 400/800gb  230 units
17538 Imation LTO Ultrium 3 400/800gb  100 units 
183900 Maxell LTO Ultrium 3 400/800gb   600 units
LTX400GWW Sony LTO Ultrium 3 400/800gb  200 units
D2406-LTO3 TDK LTO Ultrium 3 400/800gb  3 units
229323 Maxell LTO Ultrium 5 1.5/3.0TB 12 units
LTX1500G Sony LTO Ultrium 5 1.5/3.0TB 3 units
  DLT and SDLT data cartridges   
Please Call Misc Brand DLT III 10/20gb data tape   3,000 units
Please Call Misc Brand DLT IIIXT 15/30gb data tape   3,200 units
C5141F HP DLTIV;TK 88 data cartridges  1,000 units
26112088 Fujifilm DLTIV; TK88 40/80gb data tape  3,172 units
DL4TK88 Sony DLTIV; TK88 40/80gb data tape  200 units
THXKD-02 Quantum DLTIV; TK88 40/80gb data tape  1,484 units
11776 Imation DLTIV; TK88 40/80gb data tape  14,716 units
Please call Various brands DLTIV; TK88 40/80gb  5,000 units
09W085 Dell SDLT I 160/320gb data tape  120 units
16260 Imation SDLT I 160/320gb 1000 units
26300001 Fujifilm SDLT I 160/320gb data tape  1000 units
C7980A  HP SDLT I 160/320gb data tape 1000 units
MR-SAMCL-01 Quantum SDLT I 160/320gb data tape 60 units
  Enterprise data cartidges  
18P7534 IBM 3592JA Tape, 1/2 in. Ctdg, 300GB/500GB/640GB 70 UNITS
91270 Imation 9840, 20GB, B/W red  500 units
91270 Imation Storagetek 9840, 20GB, B/W red/silver  397 units
18P7534 IBM Tape, 1/2 in. Ctdg, 3592JA , 300GB/500GB/640GB 40 units
05H4434 IBM Emtec 3590J 10/30gb data cartridges 480 units
05h4434 IBM BASF 3590J 10/30gb data cartridges 500 units
347481EEU Emtec 3590J 10/30 gb data cartridges 240 units
26400010 Fujifilm 3590J 10/30 gb data cartridges 1170 units
GR3590J Graham 3590J 10/30gb data cartridges  2040 units
43832 3M/Imation 3590J 10/30gb data cartridges 1500 units
43832 Imation 3590J 10/30gb data tape 5000 units
40852 Imation 3590K 20/40gb data tape   510 units
05H3188  IBM/EMTEC 3590K 20/40gb data tape 230 units
26400510 Fujifilm 3590K 20/40gb data tape 170 units
08L6663  IBM 3570 CXL model 7gb data cartridges 70 units
41071 Imation 3490E Royal Guard 1gb (red logo)  1200 units
42473 Imation 3490E Royal Guard 810mb (red logo) 8,000 units
337000UDL Basf DL 3490E 810mb data cartridges 10000 units
337000EUL Emtec DL 3490E 810mb data cartridges 11600 units
341643UDE Basf DLX 3490E 850mb data cartridges 2,910 units
GR3490E Graham 3490E 810mb data cartridges 3,660 units
12514 Imation Blackwatch 3480 210mb cartridges 1,200 units
12514 3M Blackwatch 3480 210mb dark shell data cartridges 7,200 units
40213 3M Imation Royal Guard 3480 210mb data cartridge 14,340units
335927UOV Basf 3480 210mb data cartridges 7,920 units
GR3480MTC+ Graham 3480 MTC+ 250mb data cartridges 1,500 units
335928EUC Basf 3480 Extra 250mb data cartridges 240 units
  4mm DDS data tape   
C5706A HP 4mm-90m, 2/4gb data tape 1000 units
DG90M Sony 4mm-90m, 2/4gb data tape 800 units
331910 Maxell 4mm-90m, 2/4gb data tape  1200 units
42818 Imation 4mm-90m, 2/4gb data tape 1200 units
42818 3M 4mm-90m, 2/4gb data tape  900 units
C5707A HP 4mm-120m, 4/8gb data tape 4000 units
26047120 FujiFilm 4mm-120m, 4 /8gb data tape 100 units
200110 Maxell 4mm-120m, 4/8gb data tape  400 units
DGD120M/P Sony 4mm-120m, 4/8gb data tape  800 units
DC4-120 TDK 4mm-120m, 4/8gb data tape 174 units
43347 Imation 4mm-120m, 4/8gb data tape 430 units
43347 3m 4mm-120m, 4/8gb data tape 420 units
C5708A Compaq 4mm-125m, 4/8gb data tape  400 units
11737 Imation 4mm-125m, 4/8gb data tape 480 units
26047300 Fujifilm 4mm-125m, 12/24gb data tape  150 units
DGD125PWW Sony 4mm-125m, 12/24gb data tape  2000 units
  AIT and 8mm AME data tape  
Q1998A  HP AIT 2-50C AME, 50/130gb, 230m  100 units
SDX2-36C Sony AIT 2-36C AME, 170m 36/93gb,  40 units
41467 Imation AIT2-50C AME, 50/130gb, 230m  24 units
152841-001 Compaq AIT 2-50C 50/130gb data ctgs  170 units
SDX2-50C Sony AIT2-50C AME, 50/130gb, 230m  1400 units
41467 Imation AIT2-50C AME, 50/130gb, 230m 450 units
Q1999A HP AIT 3-100C AME, 100/260gb, 230m  14 units
SDX3-100C SONY AIT 3-100C AME, 100/260gb, 230m  300 units
312629 Exabyte 8mm-170m Mammoth 1 20/40gb 200 units
558 Exabyte 8mm-225m Mammoth 260/ 150GB, w/smart cln 50 units
QGD170AME Sony 8mm-170m Mammoth 1 20/40gb  10 units
59H2678  IBM 8mm-170m Mammoth 1 20/40gb  12 units
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