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At USA Imaging Supplies, We carry a complete line of Printer ribbons such as, Thermal transfer, barcode, banking forms printer ribbons. ATM, Point of sale, retail printer, dot matrix barcode, and network printer ribbons.Compliance barcode, thermal fax, main frame printer ribbons.  MICR, flexible packaging, spooled, print and apply bar                    code ribbons. Security, 172B, indelible, fluorescent, RFID THERMAL, thermal transfer ribbons that print directly on POLY  and FOIL BAGS and other SPECIALTY and CUSTOM ribbons

Printronix Ribbons

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We have over several hundred different types and makes of printer ribbons in stock. Many items cross reference each other. Give us a call and we can help you find what you are looking for 619-684-5241 
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255163-001     PRINTRONIX P7000 BLK RIBBON 32.049
255661-102     PRINTRONIX TG6600 STND RIBBON 72.9
P5000U   P5000/IBM/Lexmark 6400/DEC/LG/HP C3200/Dec 40.905
107675-008   P4280/P5205/P5208/P5210/P5215/P5220s/P9212  113.62
255670-102   6600/6810/6815/6820 Series Extended Capacity  62.397
255670-402   6600/6810/6815/6820 Series Extended Capacity Ribbon  215.41
175006-001   P4280/P5005/P5008/P5009/P5010/P5015/P5205/P5208/P5210/P5215/P5220s/P9212  115.64
179006-001   P4280/P5205/P5208/P5210/P5215/P5220s/P9212    208.45
179499-001   P7000/P7005/P7010/P7015/P7205/P7210/P7215/P7220 Spool  199.87
175391-103   T5000 (Model 8300) Thermal  Ribbon Wide Wax (Width 4.33 in. 110 mm)  146.81
250269-005   L150/MVP/P300/P600/P3000/P6000/P6040/P6080/P9005/P9008/P9012   84.389
172293-001   P4280/P5005/P5008/P5009/P5010/P5015/P5205/P5208/P5210/P5215/ 84.389
175220-001   P5220/P5224 Gold Series 2000 Ribbon  314.69
255049-102   P7000/P8000/P8005/P8010/P8015/P8205/P8210/P8215/P8220  49.437
255048-102   P7000/P8000/P8010/P8015/P8210/P8215/P8220  Extended  64.233
255048-402   P7000/P7010/P7015/P7210/P7215/P7220/P8000/P8010/P8015/P8210/ 215.41
107675-005   P4280/P5005/P5008/P5009/P5010/P5015/P5205/P5208/P5210/P5215/ 82.958
107675-001   P4280/P5005/P5008/P5009/P5010/P5015/P5205/P5208/P5210/P5215/ 75.56
107675-007   P4280/P5205/P5208/P5210/P5215/P5220s/P9212   113.62
251749-001   L7032 Toner Kit  L7032 Toner Kit 2 Toner Bottles 2 Waste  Containers 1 Fuser  498.96
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