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2) A box that is in your office
3) Off the cartridge itself.
Once you have the part number find
the make of your machine and  follow
the easy part number reference.
Its that simple.

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Ricoh 200
ink, toner cartridges

Ricoh 200 Series    

RIC 209890 AFICIO 250 (TYPE 251) DRUM-RIC       221.28
RIC 209911 AFICIO 200 (TYPE 250)  DRUM-RI       247.07
RIC 339473 1700L,MV106 (70) TNR-DEV-SPC O         84.29
RIC 339479 2400L  (RED R) TYPE 150-RICOH       113.39
RIC 339587 AFICIO FX10 (1110D) TNR SPC OR       105.89
RIC A230-9510 AFICIO 340 OPC DRUM SPC ORD       176.48
RIC B039-9510 AFICIO 220 (19) DRUM RICOH         93.53
RIC B1803003 AFICIO 3228C MAG DEV UNIT RIC       160.59
RIC B1809511 AFICIO 3228C BLK/CLR DRM UN SP       105.89
RIC B223-2027 AFICIO MPC2500 DRUM SPC ORD       705.00
RIC B223-6542 RICOH MPC3500 WASTE BOTTLE         24.62
RIC B2309640 MPC2500 BLACK DEV RICOH         56.48
RIC B230-9660 MPC2500  CYAN DEV RICOH         58.68
RIC B230-9670 MPC2500 MAGENTA DEV RICOH         58.68
RIC B230-9680 MPC2500 YLW DEV RICOH         58.68
RIC B296-9640 AFICIO MP4500 DEV - RICOH       202.94
RIC SA100 2400L (TYPE 100) MASTER-RICOH       121.37
RIC SA3000 3000L(TYPE 30 II) MASTER-RICOH       200.73
RIC SM1000L 1000L,4000L,7000L TONER-RICOH         11.01
RIC SM3000LR 3000L(TYPE 30-RED R)RICOH         74.12

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