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Tips to finding your cartridge:
 Have the re order number ready
that is for your machine. Do this by:
1) the owners manual of the machine
2) A box that is in your office
3) Off the cartridge itself.
Once you have the part number find
the make of your machine and  follow
the easy part number reference.
Its that simple.

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Magnuson- Moss Warranty Improvement Act

The Right To Choose
Manufacturers cannot legally require a printer owner or lessee
verbally or otherwise - to purchase supplies exclusively from them.

This unlawful "tying agreement" violates provisions of the Sherman
and Clayton Antitrust Acts and the Magnuson-Moss Warranty
Improvement Act.

In a landmark 1936 case, the Supreme Court ruled that IBM could not
terminate a customer's data processing machine lease, if the customer
chose to use tabulating cards from other manufacturers. The more recent Magnuson- Moss Warranty Improvement Act title 15,
Section 2303
 specifically prohibits a manufacturer from conditioning a
written or implied warranty on the use of its own brand product except
under very restrictive circumstances.

If, in the unlikely event our supplies have been the source of damage to
your equipment, you are protected by our warranty. We will reimburse
youfor the cost of repairs with adequate documentation from the
service technician.

USA imaging supplies are designed to meet or exceed the original brand
If a representative threatens to void the machine warranty or
charge for a service call because you are using a compatible supply, ask
for their statement in writing.

Compatible ink and toner FAQs

What is a compatible cartridge?
Compatible cartridges have been recycled and reprocessed from an original equipment manufacturer (OEM) empty core. The process differs by manufacturer and materials used with varying results in quality and page yields. Our compatible cartridges are produced to stringent quality control standards, using lab-tested components to ensure consistent OEM-equivalent performance.

What is the process?
A typical production process includes inspection and replacement of key components as needed such as the OPC (Organic Photo Conductor) drum, wiper blade, PCR (Primary Charge Roller) and magnetic roller. One of the most critical parts of a cartridge is the OPC Drum. New aftermarkets are made specifically for manufacturers to have a harder and more durable surface than the OEM cartridge. We use only new drums in our cartridges to ensure OEM equivalent results.

Is a compatible cartridge inferior to a new one?
There should be no difference in print quality or page yield with a properly manufactured cartridge. Our cartridges contain only quality toners that work well with the OPC drum and other replacement parts to meet OEM performance. 

What if I experience a print quality issue?
If a cartridge does not meet expectations, simply notify a customer service representative and return the cartridge and a page sample showing the print quality problem in the box it came in - Return it for evaluation and replacement. Please refer to our Product Warranty for details.

Will using compatible toner cartridges void my equipment warranty?
Law prohibits manufacturers from voiding their warranty obligations on the grounds that a consumer did not use the original manufacturer's replacement cartridge. 

Am I really helping the environment by using compatible cartridges?
Definitely. Each discarded cartridge adds approximately three pounds of unnecessary waste to our landfills - waste that will take as long as 1,000 years to decompose. It is estimated that 100 million laser and printer cartridges and 400 million inkjet printer cartridges are produced each year. Manufacturing these 500 million cartridges will save an estimated four million cubic feet of landfill space. The office products remanufacturing industry has already made a substantially positive impact on the environment and the economy and will continue to do so.

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